IT & Other Contractors

Contractor legislation has evolved rapidly over the last few years where we find a situation where the industry settles down to a new set of rules only to find the government comes along and moves the goal posts with further legislation in their never ending ‘pursuit of collecting the proper share of tax and national insurance’. Following the government’s defeat in the Arctic Case we expect to see some strict income shifting legislation. The full ramifications will not be known until some years on.

Each contractor should only engage a specialist accountant who understands not only the current rules but is also aware of what is on the horizon.

Every business requires certainty within its business to be successful and especially so when operating within a constantly evolving sector.

We can help you with:

  • IR35 matters
  • Managed Service Companies
  • Corporate and Personal Tax Returns
  • Vat and the use of flat rate schemes
  • Bureau Payroll Service
  • P11D Reporting.
  • Business Advice.

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