Whether you are a Freelance Locum, Independent Operator, Franchisee Operator or a Multiple Operator you will need assistance with your tax and business affairs.

Also choosing the correct trading medium is essential and an informed and properly documented approach is essential to avoid mistakes.

VAT is a current and recurring problem area with many experiencing regular HMRC compliance visits and constant arbitrary tinkering of the non standard method of calculating output tax. The constant threats of VAT assessment following such visits for many means that focus is taken away from your main objectives. We help you get your non standard scheme correct at the outset thus eliminating this uncertainty.

We can assist with VAT compliance visits, PAYE/NIC compliance visits, status enquiries all backed up by a vast knowledge base.

The need for an Optician or Optometrists to have clear and accurate accounting system is paramount and invariably this means having a point of sale system in place. You will need impartial advice when choosing a system.

Apart from annual and periodic compliance we can help in the area of raising funds for refurbishment, advice with practice acquisition, advice in expanding your business and team building. Etc.

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