Family Companies

Small to medium sized enterprises (SME) have never had it so tough in terms of endless government red tape. A recent study shows the cost of these regulations to be £13,464 a year for each business in implementing legislation.

At Ajay Associates we can soften the burden by advising you through the maze of regulations and how best to ensure compliance within budget.

SME’s generally also suffer from lack of capital to invest in new technology to stay competitive or even to expand within a growing sector. Equally surviving during a downturn is just as arduous.

With our hands on approach on advice we would ensure that you are making the best of your opportunities by securing adequate level of finance, empowering key members of staff, giving them a proportion of the ownership of the business, bringing in the next generation into the business in a planned and sensible manner, having a phased change of control and making sure that the business is not neglected when the next generation takes over.

Ajay Associates is itself a SME and can help not only advise from our professional background but also from our experience and similar challenges that we face on a daily basis.

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