Whether you are a salaried dentist, locum, associate, general dental practitioner or a specialist you will need help with your tax and accounting affairs.

The dental profession has become quite complex in recent years from the manner in which individual practices and individuals are paid to how best to deliver a high quality service. The nGDS and nPDS contracts have brought on added uncertainties with mid-year and annual monitoring with claw backs and in some cases unpaid over performance. Also the relaxation of the Dentists Act 1984 now permit dentists to practice via limited liability entities; this for a few individuals is an opportunity to reduce their tax burden but for many a mistake in waiting. With the uncertainty of proper funding for NHS dentistry we see severe regional differences. Independent dentistry has therefore become the only choice for many dentists which is set to polarise the profession. With further de-regulation and the introduction of DCP’s we now see new corporate bodies entering the market further fueling goodwill values.

No matter which end of dentistry you are in, as specialists we can help you to achieve your goals. This may for instance take the form of due diligence during acquisition, securing funding for expansion, bench marking, preparing for retirement, business advice, etc. Ajay Patel’s membership of The National Association of Specialists Dental Accountants and Solicitors ( NASDAL) ensures that we are empowered with the latest knowledge base on dental matters. Ajay conducts an annual survey of practice and associates income and performance and monitor practice goodwill on a quarterly basis, to our knowledge this is the only statistical resource of its kind in the UK.

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